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Organic Social Media Strategy for Climb Online

At SBK Marketing, we have had the pleasure of working with Climb Online for almost three months. Our collaboration has focused on enhancing their organic social media strategy, copywriting, and creative direction for their diverse client base. In this blog post, we will share our experiences, the strategies we've implemented, and the positive impact we've seen from our partnership with Climb Online.

About Climb Online

Climb Online is a prominent company known for its expertise in digital marketing and client-focused solutions. Our work with them has involved close collaboration with their talented team, particularly Lucy, who has been a fantastic partner throughout this journey. Her openness to our ideas and proactive approach has greatly contributed to the success of our initiatives.

Strategic Social Media Initiatives

Organic Social Media Strategy

Our primary focus has been on developing and implementing a robust organic social media strategy for Climb Online’s clients. This involves:

  • Tailored Strategies: Creating customized social media plans that align with each client's unique goals, whether it be increasing reach, gaining followers, boosting sales, or booking meetings with potential clients.

  • Engaging Content: Developing engaging content direction that resonates with target audiences and drives meaningful interactions.

  • Copy-writing: Writing captions for social media content in many different tones of voice for different clients.

Working with Climb Online on these strategies has been incredibly rewarding, as it reaffirms the high standards of our own strategies and showcases our ability to cater to large, high-profile clients.

Copywriting Excellence

One of the key areas we’ve focused on is enhancing our copywriting skills to suit the diverse needs of Climb Online’s clients. This includes:

  • Versatile Tones of Voice: Writing in various tones of voice to match different brand identities and marketing objectives.

  • Targeted Messaging: Crafting messages that effectively communicate the desired outcomes, whether it’s driving engagement, promoting sales, or scheduling client meetings.

Our collaboration has allowed us to develop a deeper understanding of different market segments and refine our copywriting techniques to deliver impactful results.

Creative Direction

Seeing our creative direction come to life through Climb Online’s services has been a truly gratifying experience. Our role has involved:

  • Visual Storytelling: Designing visually appealing content that tells a compelling story and captures the essence of each brand.

  • Innovative Ideas: Bringing innovative ideas to the table and collaborating with Climb Online’s team to execute them effectively.

  • Client Satisfaction: Ensuring that all creative outputs meet and exceed client expectations, resulting in high levels of satisfaction.

Lucy’s positive feedback and satisfaction with our work have been particularly motivating, driving us to continually push the boundaries of creativity.

Collaborating with Daniella

In addition to working closely with Lucy, we have also had the pleasure of collaborating with Daniella, another key member of Climb Online’s team. Daniella has played a crucial role in helping with potential client proposals, showcasing our combined efforts in delivering top-notch services. Her expertise and dedication have been instrumental in the success of our projects.


Our partnership with Climb Online has been a dynamic and fulfilling journey. We are proud of the strategies we’ve developed, the copywriting excellence we’ve achieved, and the creative direction we’ve brought to life. Working with Lucy, Daniella, and the rest of the Climb Online team has been an absolute pleasure, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration and achieving even greater success together.

Thank you, Climb Online, for the opportunity to work with such an esteemed company. We are excited about the future and the many opportunities that lie ahead. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from our ongoing partnership with Climb Online.


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