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A Rewarding Partnership with Conception Architecture Studio

At SBK Marketing, we are honored to have collaborated with Valeria Pacetti and her exceptional team at Conception Architecture Studio for approximately eight months. This partnership has been an incredible journey, offering us the opportunity to work on diverse projects and develop our skills in various aspects of marketing and project management. In this blog post, we will share our experiences, the strategies we implemented, and the insights we gained from working with this prestigious heritage-focused architectural firm.

About Conception Architecture Studio

Conception Architecture Studio, led by the inspiring Valeria Pacetti, is renowned for its expertise in heritage consultancy and architectural design. Valeria, who serves as the Consulate of Italy for Nottingham and was recently knighted in Italy, is a testament to hard work and dedication. Her team of architects and architectural technicians are specialists in their field, and they have worked on numerous high-profile projects across the UK, including collaborations with Heritage England and designing private homes for notable individuals such as the famous cricketer Graham Swann.

Cold Outreach and Heritage Consultancy

Reaching Out to Other Architects

One of our primary tasks was to assist Conception Architecture Studio with cold outreach. We focused on connecting with other architects to promote Valeria’s heritage consultancy services. This involved:

  • Identifying potential clients and partners within the architecture and construction industry.

  • Crafting personalized outreach messages to introduce Valeria’s expertise and services.

  • Coordinating follow-ups to maintain engagement and build relationships.

  • Our efforts in cold outreach helped to expand Conception Architecture Studio's network and establish valuable connections within the industry.

Content Creation and Management

Professional Headshots and Office Shots

To enhance the studio’s online presence, we worked on creating high-quality visual content, including professional headshots of Valeria and her team, as well as office shots that showcased their working environment. This visual content was crucial in conveying the studio’s professionalism and the sophisticated aesthetic of their work.

Portfolio Management

Valeria’s portfolio, spanning over a decade, includes thousands of photos, drawings, and presentations. Managing this extensive collection required meticulous organization and attention to detail. We:

  • Sorted and categorized the portfolio materials for easy access and reference.

  • Developed a system to regularly update and maintain the portfolio.

  • Created digital presentations to highlight key projects and achievements.

These efforts ensured that Conception Architecture Studio’s impressive body of work was well-organized and readily available for client presentations and marketing purposes.

Enhancing Communication and Project Management

Coordinating with a Global Team

Valeria’s demanding schedule and frequent travels necessitated effective communication and project management. Working with her helped us refine our skills in:

  • Scheduling and organizing meetings across different time zones.

  • Managing a team of architects and technicians located around the world.

  • Ensuring seamless coordination and collaboration on various projects.

Learning from Industry Experts

Throughout our partnership, we also had the opportunity to interact with Valeria’s husband, Matt, who has extensive knowledge in marketing, particularly in SEO and Google Ads. His insights were invaluable, and we learned a great deal from him about the power of digital marketing. Matt's expertise has significantly contributed to the success of his business, which operates in Nottingham and central London.

The Value of Networking and Marketing

Insights into the Architecture and Construction Industry

Working with Conception Architecture Studio highlighted the importance of networking within the architecture, development, and construction space. Many professionals in this industry rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals and often overlook the potential of social media and digital marketing. Our collaboration with Valeria demonstrated how effective marketing strategies could significantly enhance visibility and attract new clients.


Our collaboration with Valeria Pacetti and Conception Architecture Studio has been an enriching experience. From cold outreach and content creation to portfolio management and global project coordination, we have grown and learned immensely. Valeria and her team are not only experts in their field but also wonderful individuals to work with. We highly recommend Conception Architecture Studio to anyone in need of heritage property renovation or classic architectural design.

Thank you, Valeria, for being an exceptional partner. We look forward to continuing our relationship and supporting your future endeavors. For anyone interested in heritage consultancy or architectural design, Conception Architecture Studio is the perfect choice.


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