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Celebrating MobiQuip UGC Campaigns

At SBK Marketing, our journey with User-Generated Content (UGC) has been incredibly rewarding. We have completed three remarkable UGC campaigns, each unique and successful in its own right. In this blog post, we will share the highlights of these campaigns, showcasing the power of UGC in creating authentic and engaging content.

Campaign Highlights

Campaign 1: @daddy_n_dadda at Fineshade Wood

Our first UGC campaign was with Andy (@daddy_n_dadda) and his family at Fineshade Wood. The shoot was a delightful experience as we walked around the Gruffalo route, capturing the essence of family fun and nature exploration.

Location: Fineshade Wood

Highlights: We ended up at a woodland park within the forest, where we shot an interview testimonial with Andy. His experience working with the BBC was evident in his on-camera presence. Andy had wonderful things to say about the collaboration, and we also took some cherished family portraits.

Outcome: The kids were great on camera, and the content we created was heartwarming and authentic. We look forward to future collaborations with Andy and his family.

Campaign 2: @Kateandthelittlehobbits at Heaton Park

The second shoot was with Kate (@Kateandthelittlehobbits) at Heaton Park in Manchester. This campaign was another fantastic experience, with perfect weather enhancing the shoot.

Location: Heaton Park, Manchester

Highlights: We walked around the lake and shot her testimonial near the open space by the woods. Kate was exceptional on camera and praised our approach to shooting content and working in the environment.

Outcome: The content captured the beauty of Heaton Park and the joy of family outings, making it a successful and memorable campaign.

Campaign 3: @autismlifeadventures at Yeovil National Park

The last shoot was for Sarah (@autismlifeadventures) in collaboration with MOBIQUIP. We met at Nine Springs Café and explored Yeovil National Park, capturing moments that highlighted the simplicity and joy of nature.

Location: Yeovil National Park

Highlights: We fed ducks and shot some fantastic content. Sarah was phenomenal on camera and had glowing reviews about our service.

Outcome: The campaign produced delightful and engaging content that resonated well with the audience. Both the client and the influencer were very pleased with the results.


All three UGC campaigns were incredibly successful, leaving clients and influencers happy and content with the results. The authentic and heartfelt content created through these collaborations underscores the importance and effectiveness of UGC in modern marketing strategies.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Andy, Kate, Sarah, and their families for being part of these amazing shoots. We look forward to creating more captivating content and continuing our journey with UGC. If you're interested in leveraging the power of UGC for your brand, visit our website for more information on our packages or contact us to discuss further.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and heartwarming stories from our UGC campaigns!


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