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Behind the Scenes: Cow Based

Updated: May 23

This month, we had the pleasure of working with Cow Based, a brand-new start-up founded by Alfie Taylor. This exciting venture marked Alfie's first foray into the world of social media, and we are thrilled to report that he absolutely nailed it.

A Unique Studio Experience in London

We invited Alfie to a serene and nature-inspired studio in the heart of London, conveniently located next to London City Airport. The studio's ambiance was perfect for our needs, offering a plethora of props, furniture choices, and versatile locations for shooting. For any videographer, it was a dream come true, with endless possibilities for creativity and dynamic shots.

Focusing on Informative Content

Our primary focus for this shoot was interview content. Alfie’s vision for Cow Based's social media presence centers around providing informative insights into healthy living and meat-focused diets. This content is designed to educate and engage his audience, setting the stage for the launch of his upcoming product.

The interviews were set against the tranquil backdrop of our chosen studio, enhancing the natural and authentic feel of the content. Alfie's passion and knowledge shone through, making the shoots not only productive but also genuinely enjoyable.

Anticipating the Product Launch

We are eagerly awaiting the launch of Alfie's new product. His dedication and innovative approach to healthy living are truly inspiring, and we are confident that his audience will appreciate the valuable information and insights he has to offer. Keep an eye out for updates on his socials, where you can follow the journey and be among the first to learn about the exciting new product.

A Memorable Collaboration

Working with Cow Based has been one of our favorite projects to date. The combination of a visionary client, a beautiful studio, and a clear, impactful message made this collaboration incredibly fulfilling. We hope to have many more opportunities to create awesome content together in the future.


Our collaboration with Alfie Taylor and Cow Based was a highlight of this month, showcasing the power of informative and engaging content in the realm of social media. The serene studio environment, coupled with Alfie’s expertise, made for an unforgettable experience. We look forward to seeing Cow Based thrive and to continuing our partnership in bringing valuable content to life.

Thank you for following our journey. Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes looks at our projects. Don't forget to check out Cow Based on social media for the latest on their exciting new product and more insightful content on healthy living.


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