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Meet the Team Behind SBK Marketing

At SBK Marketing, we pride ourselves on our diverse and talented team, each member bringing unique skills and expertise to the table. Our collaborative approach ensures that we deliver high-quality, strategic marketing solutions tailored to each client's needs. In this blog post, we introduce you to our core team members and highlight their roles and contributions to SBK Marketing's success.

Kristen: The Visionary Founder

Kristen is the driving force behind SBK Marketing. As the founder, she has established the company's vision and strategic direction. Kristen's multifaceted role includes:

  • Strategy Development: Kristen crafts comprehensive marketing strategies that align with our clients' goals and industry trends.

  • Graphic Design: Her creative prowess shines through in visually appealing and impactful graphic designs that enhance brand identity.

  • Photo Content Creation: Kristen excels in creating high-quality photo content that captures the essence of our clients' brands.

  • Copywriting: With a keen eye for detail and a flair for words, Kristen produces compelling copy that resonates with target audiences and drives engagement.

Kristen's holistic approach ensures that every aspect of our clients' marketing campaigns is cohesive and effective.

Brandon: The Managing Director

Brandon plays a crucial role as the Managing Director at SBK Marketing. His responsibilities span various areas, ensuring the smooth operation and success of our campaigns:

  • Video Content Shoots: Brandon oversees all video content production, capturing dynamic and engaging footage that brings our clients' stories to life.

  • Client and Team Management: He manages client relationships and coordinates our team, ensuring seamless collaboration and communication.

  • Scheduling and Posting Content Management: Brandon handles the scheduling and posting of content across various platforms, optimizing timing and frequency for maximum impact.

Brandon's leadership and organizational skills are key to delivering timely and effective marketing solutions.

Assad: The Video Editing Maestro

Assad is our expert video editor, responsible for transforming raw footage into polished, professional videos. His role includes:

  • Video Editing: Assad meticulously edits video content, ensuring high production quality and alignment with client branding.

  • Creative Enhancements: He adds creative elements such as effects, music, and graphics to enhance the storytelling and visual appeal of videos.

Assad's technical expertise and artistic vision make our video content stand out and engage audiences effectively.

Emily: The Engagement and Outreach Specialist

Emily's role is vital in maintaining and growing our clients' online presence. Her responsibilities include:

  • Platform Engagement: Emily actively engages with audiences across social media platforms, fostering community interaction and building brand loyalty.

  • Cold Outreach and Mass Email CRM Management: She manages cold outreach initiatives and oversees mass email campaigns, utilizing CRM tools to track and optimize engagement.

Emily's proactive approach ensures that our clients' brands remain visible and relevant in the competitive digital landscape.


At SBK Marketing, our team's collective expertise and dedication drive our success. Kristen's strategic vision, Brandon's operational leadership, Assad's editing skills, and Emily's engagement strategies create a powerful synergy that delivers exceptional results for our clients. We are committed to helping businesses grow and thrive through innovative and effective marketing solutions.

Thank you for getting to know the team behind SBK Marketing. We look forward to continuing our journey of creativity, collaboration, and client success. Stay tuned for more insights and updates from our dynamic team!


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