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The Materials and Finishes Show at NEC Birmingham

This month was a whirlwind of activity, excitement, and opportunities as we attended the Materials and Finishes Show at NEC Birmingham on the 20th and 21st of May 2024. Invited by Eureka, the adhesives manufacturing company, our primary goal was to shoot content for them, and the experience turned out to be nothing short of amazing.

A Grand Welcome by Eureka

Our adventure began at the beautiful stall M41, where Eureka was showcasing and exhibiting the launch of their rebrand for Cascamite. The stall was a hub of innovation and creativity, perfectly capturing the essence of their new identity. We had the privilege of shooting interview content for Eureka, and the energy at their stall was infectious. The rebrand of Cascamite was well-received, with visitors flocking to see what new innovations Eureka had brought to the table.

Expanding Horizons: Networking and New Collaborations

What started as a focused project for Eureka soon expanded into a broader opportunity to connect with other companies and showcase our services. We stayed at a hotel near Birmingham City Airport, ensuring we could make the most of our time at the convention. Returning the next day, we engaged in extensive networking with potential clients and collaborators, offering our services for free in exchange for their contact details and the promise of future collaborations.

This strategy proved to be highly effective. We managed to capture and document promotional content for several companies, showcasing their products and services. This not only allowed us to expand our portfolio but also helped in establishing meaningful connections within the industry.

Companies That Caught Our Eye

Among the many exhibitors, several companies stood out, expressing a keen interest in collaborating with us in the future. These included:

  • KingFisher Packaging: Known for their innovative packaging solutions.

  • Walcom: Specialists in high-quality spray guns and systems.

  • Kemichal: Experts in industrial adhesives and coatings.

  • Woodolex: Pioneers in wood finishing products.

  • Rubio Monocoat: Renowned for their advanced wood protection solutions.

  • Palamatic: Leaders in material handling systems.

  • ECT Adhesives: Providers of advanced adhesive technologies.

Each of these companies offered unique products and services that aligned well with our expertise in content creation and documentation.

A Positive Outlook for Future Events

The success of our participation at the Materials and Finishes Show has solidified our decision to return to NEC Birmingham for future conventions. The event provided a fantastic platform to not only showcase our skills but also to learn and grow from the myriad of innovative solutions presented by various exhibitors.


In summary, our experience at the Materials and Finishes Show at NEC Birmingham was incredibly rewarding. From the warm welcome by Eureka to the fruitful networking opportunities, every moment was filled with excitement and potential. We are eager to build on the connections made and look forward to future collaborations with the fantastic companies we met. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand our horizons and deliver exceptional content for our clients.

Thank you for following our journey, and we can't wait to share more of our adventures with you!


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