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Connecting and Growing with @socialsbykristen: A Journey of Experimentation and Community

At SBK Marketing, we believe in the power of connection and continuous learning. Our Instagram account, @socialsbykristen, has been an incredible platform for us to connect with fellow social media managers and digital marketing professionals. In this blog post, we share the exciting journey of @socialsbykristen, highlighting how it has become a hub for experimentation, creativity, and community engagement.

Building a Community of Professionals

Connecting with Social Media Managers and Digital Marketers

One of the most rewarding aspects of running @socialsbykristen has been the opportunity to connect with so many talented social media managers and digital marketing experts. Through this account, we have built a vibrant community where we can share insights, exchange ideas, and support each other’s growth.

Networking Opportunities: @socialsbykristen has allowed us to network with industry professionals from around the world, expanding our horizons and learning from diverse perspectives.

Collaborative Learning: By engaging with our followers and peers, we continuously learn and stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in the digital marketing landscape.

Learning Through Experimentation

At SBK Marketing, we believe that experimentation is key to discovering what works best in social media marketing. Our Instagram account serves as a testing ground for new ideas, strategies, and creative concepts.

Trial and Error: We experiment with different types of content, posting schedules, and engagement strategies to see what resonates most with our audience.

Data-Driven Insights: Analyzing the performance of our posts helps us gain valuable insights into audience preferences and behavior, allowing us to refine our approach and achieve better results.

Showcasing Kristen's Graphic Design Skills

A Patchwork Style Feed

Kristen takes great pride in her graphic design skills, which are prominently displayed on @socialsbykristen. One of the standout features of our Instagram feed is the patchwork style that Kristen has meticulously crafted.

Colour Matching: Kristen’s eye for color matching ensures that each post complements the others, creating a harmonious and visually appealing feed.

Unique Aesthetic: The patchwork style not only makes our feed stand out but also reflects our brand’s creativity and attention to detail.

Daily Engagement and Positive Feedback

Our followers have been incredibly supportive and appreciative of the work we put into @socialsbykristen. We receive hundreds of comments daily, praising the aesthetic and design of our feed.

Community Love: The positive feedback from our community motivates us to keep pushing the boundaries of creativity and design.

Engaging Content: By consistently delivering high-quality and visually stunning content, we keep our audience engaged and invested in our journey.


@socialsbykristen has been more than just an Instagram account; it has been a platform for connection, learning, and creative expression. We are grateful for the opportunity to engage with so many talented social media managers and digital marketers, and we look forward to continuing this journey of experimentation and growth.

Kristen’s dedication to graphic design and the unique patchwork style feed has garnered us immense appreciation and engagement. The hundreds of positive comments we receive daily are a testament to the hard work and passion that goes into every post.

Thank you to everyone who has supported @socialsbykristen. We are excited to keep exploring, learning, and connecting with our incredible community. If you haven’t already, follow us on Instagram to join the conversation and see what’s next!

For more updates and insights from SBK Marketing, stay tuned to our blog and social media channels. We look forward to sharing more of our journey with you!


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